Grab the Advantage – Conversions as High as 50% - Laser Targeted Clicks for Pennies


I Hate OTOs...

Why do I need to upgrade?

I actually hate those OTOs too, the OTOs you actually need in order to make the main product work, & believe me I would never release anything like that. But what I will do is continue to add value & in this case that’s just what I have done.

You don’t need this upgrade… But if you do grab it I guarantee you’re going to feel an immediate surge of excitement once you start watching the videos!

  • Video 1 takes a simple system and makes it even more profitable by segmenting niches into targeted keyword groups.
  • Each group has a specific landing page which means that each group is so highly optimized and targeted that click costs fall to pennies, while positions jump & quality score jumps.
  • CTRs and conversions go through the roof.
  • Duration: approx. 16 minutes.
  • Video 2 details a quick and perhaps a little sneaky method of grabbing and editing a preformatted landing page for your product promotion.
  • You don’t even need WordPress for this one
  • Swipe the page – edit with free tools – add your link – upload to your server & you’re done. All steps covered
  • Duration: approx. 13 minutes.
  • Video 3 really steps it up a gear. At just over an hour I complete a case study from start to finish using the included pre-sell template.
  • You get to watch every part of the process as I complete it, this is full and unedited so you even see the mistakes I make. If you were unsure of a certain step before, this video will give you the answer.
  • At the end of the video you also see how the project started to perform (results)
  • Duration: approx. 60 minutes.
  • To round things off I’ve even included an editable pre-sell template, simply change the coloured text to suite your own niche / product.
  • Although pre-selling is not a necessity in many of the desperate niches I target it can increase conversions even more when done the right way.
  • In the case study video I use this very template to profit from one of my keyword groups.
  • Formats: Editable Word & PDF (over 1000 words)



Upgrade pricing is set to begin at just $17 and will climb after every few sales (Dimesale). If you are interested in upgrading... do it now because the price will go up

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